Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feedback for Sally

A person who really missed out in this conference was Sally Brown.

Sally and her team at Leeds Met worked very hard that last week to deliver her keynote virtually and prepare a recorded back-up (which delegates were delighted to download a copy of on their usbs before they went home) - and all from a cold and grey Leeds and because of the time difference and time frame, often in the middle of the night.

But Sally wouldn't have gotten any feedback - the polycom cut out when the applause peaked in the auditorium and there was no opportuninty for informal feedback or sharing local examples by chatting in the breaks or at the Gala dinner.

Well here is your chance - post a comment to this blog and ask that question, clarify that confusion and share your experience with Sally about her ideas and presentation.

To refresh you, Sally's keynote argued that to engage students in assessment (our theme) you needed to have fit for purpose assessment, as she wrote in her abstract:

Effective assessment significantly and positively impacts on student learning, as I suggested in my Big Ideas posting on the conference blog. Assessment shapes student behaviour and the signals we give students through the assignments we set them can influence the extent to which they spend their time on task productively. A fit-forpurpose approach enables us to foster productive behaviours and establish good learning patterns, enabling our students not only to succeed at university, but also to become effective lifelong learners. This keynote will explore how we can achieve this as individuals, course teams and institutions.
You can view her slides below and download them through slideshare.

Sally Brown 2008
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Thank you in advance for taking the time to make a comment for Sally.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,

Had to let you know that for me your virtual keynote was just so impressive - and bizarre - I have not felt that close and engaged with a keynote (you were 4 metres tall) and yet in reality we were on opposite sides of the planet!

The fit for purpose one was spot on too and, together with John and Catherine's more practical keynote on constructive alignment - I reckon I will be able to sort out that one troublesome assessment piece that my students have always done badly. I now see it was not really fit for purpose and not really aligned either! Got lots of good ideas from the other contributors about what has worked for them too - so all round this conference was an inspirational and fun affair for me.

All the best wishes to you and Phil!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally, my heart sank when I heard the keynote presenter couldn't come and was to beam in from afar- but you were sensational- so much energy and such inspiring thoughts and stories.