Thursday, September 4, 2008

Smarter feedback references

We were going to have a workshop before the conference from Phil Race - but due to unforeseen events, this has been cancelled.

Smarter feedback and feed-forward - giving more feedback, of better value, to more students in less time.Pre-conference workshop by Phil Race

The UK National Student Survey of 2005-8 shows that the areas where students are least satisfied with their experience of higher education are feedback and assessment, and this may well be the case in Australia too? In particular, students don’t reckon they get enough formative feedback, and it is not helping them as much as it should. What’s wrong with formative feedback? It can be too late. It can demotivate students instead of motivating them. It can take too much of our time, and yet students may take little notice of it. Too often, it can be feedback only, rather than also being feed-forward. This workshop aims to work out how we can give more and better feedback to more students – in less time!

You can find out more in:

  • Race, P and Pickford, R (2007) Making teaching Work London: Sage Publications.
  • Race, P (2006) The Lecturer’s Toolkit: 3rd edition London: Routledge.
  • Race P (2005) Making learning happen London: Sage Publications.

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